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Kristiine City residential quarter has its own rhythm - people do sports, walk with their four-legged friends or ride a bicycle, children run around as if they are in a nice little Estonian town. Kristiine City is like a green and safe small city within a large city, where everything you need is close by.



  • New Kindrali

    The new phase of the Kindrali Houses, Uus-Kindrali, will bring a dash of vivacity as well as peacefulness to the small town essence of Kristiine City. You have the freedom to move at your own pace without any rush. Welcome to your home, where everything is as it is supposed to be.

  • Dunte

    Tondi 53 barracks with a truly special character will become modern spacious lofts with lots of light. A home with a fierce character, high windows and ceilings, historic, thick stone walls with a robust nature. The interior design is clear, concrete and the materials will last over time - just like the building itself and the environment around it.

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Kindrali Houses

Kindrali Houses are a part of the new rapidly developing Kristiine City, which is located next to the city centre and offers diverse opportunities for residents of all ages.

Kristina Houses

The historic Stable Building, built at the beginning of the 20th century, was restored and got a modern New Holland style house as its companion. Ratsuri Houses was completed in the spring of 2021.

10 apartment buildings created by Allianss Arhitektid brought contemporary architecture to Kristiine City - buildings with functional planning, large terraces and a car-free and safe courtyard became home to almost 300 families. The last houses were completed in 2019

Marsi 6 Lofts

Marsi 6 is a historic officers' casino, built in 1915, that was reconstructed into a loft-style apartment building. The residential building with 45 apartments was completed in 2018

Ratsuri Houses

Residential quarter with a small town ambience

Simply great location!

Kristiine City, with its exciting history, is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center but remains away from the fast pace. Kristiine City is conveniently accessible on foot, by bicycle, by car, or by public transport. Or train.

A place where history and modernity meet

It’s a place where historical character and modern architecture meet. Perhaps the characteristic red brick barracks sound familiar? The unique charm of the area is accompanied by contemporary and human-centered architecture, to create a living environment where everyone feels good.

Almost car-free environment

The future of Tallinn belongs to pedestrians and bicycles! Kristiine City is designed for people, welcoming with the diversity of mobility and an enchanting natural environment. We like the idea of ​​car-free urban space, so if possible we have brought parking either fully or partially underground. This means it is safe and convenient for everyone to go on an adventure here.

Everything at your fingertips

Kristiine City has everything you need - a grocery store, tennis courts, a sports club, a horse riding base, a school and a kindergarten. Moreover, you can easily go to the forest from here. Namely - the 2.3 km long health trail runs under the pine forest of Järve Health track where you can run, walk or ride a bike in summer and go skiing in winter.

The historic area of ​​summer manors and military campus becomes an urban living environment

Today’s Kristiine City is a picturesque area with diverse landscape, which was covered by meadows in the Middle Ages. In the 17th century, the mayor of Tallinn, a landowner and a merchant Jobst Dunte, founded a summer manor on Tondi Street. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the buildings of Peter the Great's sea fortress were built here, part of which are also barracks that people have become familiar with. We have brought an urban atmosphere into this exciting history. It has grown into a beloved living environment that welcomes you with a friendly small-town rhythm.

What is happening in Kristiine City

“Kristiine City is a versatile and interesting living environment. It’s location near the city center makes it convenient and easily accessible. By foot, bicycle, car and public transport,” Indrek Tiigi, Allianss Arhitektid


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