We celebrated the rafters of Kindrali Houses

The first two buildings of the development of the Kindrali Houses,  have reached their full height. We celebrated rafters to say thanks to the construction team.

The construction of the two buildings which is the first phase of the development began in April 2021 and will be completed in 2022. This is the first Pro Kapital development project to be sold out before the rafters. With this, ongoing construction phase, 129 apartments will be completed, followed by 66 apartments with underground and above-ground parking spaces.

Kindrali Houses is an architecturally versatile development – on one hand, there is a beautiful boulevard complimenting the buildings and ground-floor homes or commercial spaces with entrances right from the street, typical of Brooklyn. On the other hand, there is a spacious and private green courtyard between the buildings.

The development of the Kindrali Houses enriches the architecturally historical Tondi area, adding a Nordic, downtown atmosphere to the Kristiine City residential area.  The architects of the buildings and landscape of the Kindrali Houses are the leading architect Indrek Tiigi and Allianss Arhitektid, who, in addition to residential real estate, have created several important urban city projects. An all-together three five-story building complexes of the Kindrali House will be built in two stages by Oma Ehitaja AS and the total cost of the project is 20 million euros including VAT.

The construction of the Kindrali Houses has largely been carried out during the corona pandemic period, which has undoubtedly set quite demanding conditions for the builder. Therefore, in today’s conditions, it’s a pleasure to hold a rafter party almost traditionally.

Simultaneously, the second stage of the construction of the Kindrali Houses is ongoing, with a total of 66-apartment will be built. Completion of the building is planned for the early spring of 2023. To date, 99% of the second phase has been sold out. This characterizes today’s real estate market, as well as the trust of customers in both the developer and the development project.