Kristiine City will have a new neighbour – a Park Tondi’s Business Quarter

US Real Estate will soon start the development of an exciting Park Tondi Business Quarter next to the Kristiine City’s living environment. In total, US Real Estate and Pro Kapital are investing 130 million euros in the development of the area.

In the coming years, the historic Tondi area of ​​almost 20 hectares will become a pleasant and complete living and business environment with a modern atmosphere, where contemporary architecture, natural greenery and  historic buildings meet. The Tondi Tennis Center and the staff building, which is currently one of the buildings of the Ministry of Defense, have also been reconstructed by the US Real Estate in the development of the historical area of ​​Tondi. The development will bring 28,000 square meters of office and commercial space to the area. The first office building, Tammsaare 56, will be completed in the beginning of 2023. Among other things, other old barracks in Tondi will get a new look.

The first stage of the Park Tondi Business Quarter, ie the 56 commercial buildings of Tammsaare, will be completed in the first quarter of 2023. The following stages at Tammsaare tee 58, Tondi 57 and Tammsaare tee 25 will be completed by 2025. Park Tondi is developed by US Real Estate, which has set a goal to develop a multifunctional and full-fledged urban space, which includes, for example, Maritime Fortress and Rotermann.